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Angel Crafts

Angelic Crafts
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Angel Art

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Recycle Crafts

Add a painted head and wings to an upside down silk flower. Attach a loop for an ornament.
Two Gloves
Add wings to a Wooden Craft Stick
Or Yarn
Mop Angel
New mop
Black and pink or red paint
Liner brush
Sewing Machine
Hot Glue
Doll Hat
Optional: Ribbon, flowers, wings
Cut ten or so strings off a new mop head into 10 inch lengths. Form two braids of mop strings using equal handfuls of mop strings from the opposite top sections of the mop. (The center seam is a verticle strip in the middle) These become the arms. When you get to the end of the strings tie off the braid with a small rubber band. Then band the hands together as if in prayer. Using a small plate as a pattern cut 2 muslin circles for the face. Use blush for the cheeks, red or pink paint for a mouth and add dip dot eyes. Take the 10 pieces of mop strings, using 8 of them, lay them flat, side by side at your sewing machine and stitch together to form a center hair "part". Glue the hair to the head. Hot glue on a straw hat and them trim and style the hair. From here you may embellish her as desired with ribbon, dresses, silk flowers and so forth. Wings can also be added.
Salt Shaker Angel
Salt Shaker Angel
Here's a kitchen angel
To salt your food with love,
She'll help you spice your meal
And watch over from above.
And then at every mealtime
She'll ask the Lord to bless,
And when the meal is o'er
She'll help you clean the mess.


Dreamscapes: Creating Magical Angel & Faery Worlds in Watercolor
Paint this Primitive Angel
Garden Glove Angel


Printable Angel
Add angels to every card or letter with this Origami Angels

Sewing, Crochet, and Needle Work

Angel Kisses Cntd X-Stitch Kit
Hope Angel Ornament Plastic Canvas Kit
Joy Angel Ornament Plastic Canvas Kit
Display a quilt or needle work from this Ackfeld Craft Holders 16" Flying Angel
Plastic Canvas Angel Patterns
Angel Kissing Kitty Fleece Throw

For Kids

Let them print and color this Angelic wreath
Let them make Angel placecards for your next dinner

For Baby

"Mommy's Christmas Angel" Christmas Ornament with Memory Marker
Add a lock of Babies hair to a clear glass ornament adding a ribbon and the sentiment Mommy and Daddy's Christmas Angel and the date for a Christmas Memory Ornament.


Fimo Angel Ornament
Kitchen Clay Angel
Express consolation with this Weeping Seraph Sculpture


It Takes an Angel to Know an Angel
Angels Light The Way
Angels Take Themselves Lightly
The Sky's the Limit to an Angel
Smiles are the Next Best Thing to Halos


More Angel Crafts
Angel Encounters

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