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Noah's Ark
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Crafty Ark
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While not meant as a Bible lesson this page is simply a presentation of Crafts and Ideas recolving around a theme that has been around for thousands of years. Search elsewhere for a story of the flood from many cultures points of view.


Make this Ark Puzzle
Use this Iron On Ark Transfer
Painted Wood Craft
To a large Ark Shape drill a hole, glue some spanish moss spilling out and add a perch to create a pretend birdhouse.
To a wreath add a large ark, Noah, and pairs of animals. Add a sign saying Welcome Aboard.
Create a large Ark shape with 3 animals wired together to encircle a glass jar. Embellish with fabric patches and old buttons.
Noah's Ark Cross Stitch Pattern
Using a santa pattern create a Noah doll with lots of animals in his arms. As a variation to animals in his arms try rolled Ark plans or blueprints.
To your favorite Angel Pattern add a pair of animals or an ark and you have the 'Ark Angel'
Noah Doll


Sign ideas are plentiful - for example:
Ark Rides 5
Couples Welcome
It Takes a Little Rain to Make a Rainbow
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
Noah & Sons
God Keeps His Promises
Add a Rainbow or a pair of animals to any sign. For more examples see our sign page.


Bible Tails - Noah's Ark Humor Mug
Put this Ark of the Covenant Sculptural Box in a place of honor
Windchime: Noah's Ark

For Kids

Cross Stitch this Birth Announcement
To create a Nursery start with stenciling animals in a two by two pattern around the circumference of the room and finish with a free hand painting of the ark. Add a Rainbow and you're done.
Great for scrapbooks or placemats - this Dover Make Your Own Noah's Ark with 23 Stickers
Handprint Rainbow

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