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Basket Crafts

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Basket Prints
Craft Gift Baskets

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3" Basket Kit

Wicker Baskets
Wicker Baskets

As functional as they are attractive, these wicker baskets are actually pull out drawers.

Hold-a-Note: Puppy in Basket
If you can't find a small basket to hold notepads use this cutie

Country Basket -
Country Basket

College Woven Basket
Find your favorite team


Add some loops and varnish to a pair of these Miniature Baskets and use them as earrings.
Square Basket with curls
Gourd with Pine Needle Basket
Pine Needle Basket
Appliqué Picnic Basket Liner
Basket Pattern from Baskets of Joy
Metal Scroll Basket
Valentine Heart Basket - made with paper

Useful Baskets

Barbecue Basket
Felted Cat Basket Pattern
Try making a Broom
Country Classic basket
Fall Door Basket by Rhonda Krula
Towel Basket
Lena Liu's Basket Bouquets with Verse Personal Check Designs Top-Tear Checks
Show your passion when you write checks. And if this is your business how perfect!

Fabric Baskets

Crochet a Basket with fabric strips
Padded Basket
Weaving Fabric Baskets and Wreaths

Basket Kits

Potato Basket
Gift Baskets
Shaker Cat Head Basket
Berry Basket
Egg Basket
Market Basket

Painting Baskets

Joyful Jingles wood basket
Use this Mallard Pattern to paint a simple duck basket.


Find a basket with a wooden lid and paint your favorite pattern
Tell the world your passion with an I Heart Baskets Sign.
The ultimate is this Bakers rack with storage baskets


The Pine Needle Group
National Basketry Organization
Basket Collection of Tony Stubblefield
Tips on Collecting Shaker Baskets
Kentucky Basket Tutorial

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