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Bed & Bath Crafts

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Bedroom Ideas

  • Add glamour and warmth with this Leopard Faux Fur Throw
  • Cover the boxspring in a matress pad trimmed with lace.
  • The bed is the focal point of a bedroom so an unholstered headboard can make a statement and offer limitless design choices. If you redecorate frequently slipcover your headboard.
  • Wallpaper the inside of your closet
  • For extra under bed storage add Bed Risers
  • A Floor Mirror in a corner can be functional and double the space as well.
  • Create instant romance with a dimmer switch.
  • Hang a framed print or a shelf over your headboard to add to your focal point. Or hang a long wicker basket of silk blooms.
  • If you must have a TV in the bedroom hide it in an Armoire
  • Paint or decoupage a Wooden Bed Tray
  • Create a small canopy by using a 6" half round of plywood attached to the wall with 2 "L" brackets. Paint the wood and add fabric or 2 double sheets. Attach with a staple gun along the front of the round, pleating as you go. Add a ruffle or other trim to the front edge to hide the staple work.
  • Add yards of battenburg lace to sheets, pillowcases, curtains, or table toppers for instant romance.
  • Create a floral swag over your bed.
  • Pile on the pillows! I have a pair of pillow shams, topped with 2 vintage lace trimmed white pillows topped by one pillow sham hiding an extra blanket, topped by 2 throw pillows, toppedy by a smaller throw pillow, topped by a neck roll, topped by my (very old) Cabbage Patch Baby.
  • Cut out individual items from wallpaper and add interest to corners or add a swag of flowers over a bed.
  • A floral arrangement in front of your mirror seems to double in impact.
  • To keep your drawyers smelling good try making sachets.
  • Layered Potpourri
    Find a pretty, tall, glass container. Layer with plastic canvas as dividers:
    Flower Petals
    Whole Allspice
    Rose Petals
    Boxwood Leaves
    Rose hips
    Flower petals
    Broken cinnamon sticks
    Almost any combination may be used. The secret is to alternate colors with neutrals. Finish with a raffia bow and dried rosebuds hot-glued to the bow.
  • For an almost instant change in your bedroom try a new quilt or bedspread and pile on the throw pillows.
  • Mosquito Netting adds an illusion of tropical breezes, napping, and sipping a cool drink by the waters edge.
  • Consider an ottoman, bench, or table at the foot of the bed to hold a teapot, teacup, and white linens.
  • Headboard options include a garden gate, a lattice screen with ivy woven through, an upholstered option, or four posters draped with lace or fabric.
  • Layer texture and pattern by adding a chenille throw
  • For extra storage in the bedroom cover hatboxes or bandboxes with fabric or wallpaper and hide away your make up or out of season hats, scarves and gloves.
  • Add this crocheted curtain pull
  • For teens will a Denim Throw ever go out of style?
  • Make your own pillow cases.
  • Crochet a rag rug in fabric to compliment your color scheme.
  • Adhere fabric to your walls with liquid starch.
  • For the guest room why not add a basket of luxurious soaps, candles, even a mint or two for your guest to feel special?
  • If you don't have a headboard consider the following craft options:
    Use an old door painted or stained to go with the look of your room.
    Use a section of a picket fence or mount a garden gate.
    Hang a trellis and let it bloom with silk plants.
    Hang a wooden window and use a wallpaper moral behind it.
    Use a folding screen.
    Hang a pair of shutters.
    Hang an old quilt.
  • For Wall options consider any of these: Faux Painting
    Trompe l'oeil
    Sponge painting
    Clouds on the ceiling
  • Try a Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire which will let you organize your jewelry while you keep it safe.
  • If you like to change your look often start with a solid and add throws and pillows to suit your moods. Imagine a black or white base with this Woven Throw Pillow and this Throw for a dramatic look. Add color at will.

Bath Room Ideas

  • Learn how to fold towels into those whimsical items with this Towel Origami Book
  • Turn an old window frame into your bathroom mirror by replacing the clear glass with a piece of mirror.
  • Hang a vintage quilt as artwork.
  • Use an elegant rug (such as this Townhouse Chenille Bath Rug ) for an upscale feel.
  • Learn to install Pebble tile
  • Attach part of a picket fence to a wall or closet. It would look quite charming with flowers painted on the wall behind it.
  • Hang drapery panels at the corners of your shower or tub. Attach a coordinating valance above it.
  • Use an old silver trophy cup to hold toiletries.
  • If you have the room a small wooden dresser adds storage.
  • Layer towels for visual interest and added color.
  • When you start with a black and white theme such as with a Black Toile Shower Curtain the look is dramatic and easy to put together.
  • Artwork in ornate frames look elegant and add interest.
  • A monochromatic room is very soothing and serene. Think of an all white room with silver and gray accents. If you have oak cabinets a rich gold looks wonderful.
  • A shelf is a good place for accessories and it frees up valuable counter space.
  • Frame the mirror with molding.
  • Black, white and red are a great color combination.
  • Cluster a collection on a wall for impact.
  • An old dresser makes a great standard vanity cabinet. Cut a hole in the top to accomodate the sink and another in the back for the pipes to connect.
  • Products from the Hunger site.
  • A lace panel with a plastic liner makes an elegant shower curtain.
  • If you keep your guest room neutral you can add towels to suit the season. Embroidered leaves in autumn, and Snowflakes in winter.
  • A wine rack can be used to store rolled up towels.
  • A small chandelier in a powder or over a tub adds elegance.
  • Dimmers can be used in the bathroom for night time visits.
  • A corner shelf can use a little corner to make a big impact.
  • Make a Bath Puff from Nylon Tulle
  • For extra storage in the bathroom a canvas shoe organizer that hangs over the door can store soaps, towels, shampoo, lotions, and potions galore.
  • Plants love bathrooms. They thrive in the warm moist enviornment and help to add warmth and softness to an often cold area. If you are not blessed with light or a green thumb consider silk plants instead.
  • Swag a single or a pair of beautiful curtains back with an elegant tassle tieback.
  • To create an aromatic spa feel add lots of soaps in a pretty basket.
  • Use different colored ribbons to tie on a shower curtain - a different color at each 'hook'
  • Nothing gives a bathroom a facelift faster than a new set of towels.
  • Don't be limited by shower curtains, try a pair of window tie back curtains and a liner for a change.
  • Create a Dramatic Swag Effect for a Shower Curtain
  • Try making your own Salt Scrub
    4 oz melt and pour soap
    1 cup Epsom salts
    1/2 cup Kosher salt
    1-2 tsp light mineral oil or almond oil
    1-2 tsp glycerin
    Fragrance oil of your choice
    Melt the soap following the manufacturers instructions. Then mix the glycerin, mineral oil and fragrance oil, stir this into the melted soap, and add the salts. It will come out looking like a snowball but will stay soft. Wrap up for gift giving to keep it from drying out.
  • Make your own Soap
    You will need:
    Soap Molds or tupperware molds
    Spray vegetable oil
    Moisturizing Glycerin Soap Blocks
    Measuring cup
    Delta Candle And Soap Colors Acrylic Paint Pots
    Spray the molds with the oil.Use a knife to cut the glycerine soap into i inch cubes. Place the cubes in a measuring cup and heat in microwave for about a minute on high heat. Pour the melted glycerine in the mold. Swirl one drop of the soap coloring into the glycerine, stirring with the toothpick to create a marbelized effect. Let cool for 30 minutes and turn onto waxed paper. Wrap for gift giving.
  • Paint on soap - Add the design of your choice and then seal the soap with a non-yellowing spray sealer like Krylon.
  • Basket Garter
    Use a basket for either make-up, towels, soaps or magazines. There are dozens of uses but why end their? Add a decorative touch with a fabric garter.
    Fabric Scrap
    1/2" Elastic
    Sewing Machine
    Measure the circumference of the basket. Double that measurement for the fabric length. Use the same measurement for the piece of elastic plus 1". Cut the fabric the length determined by about 5" in width. (Use a narrower width for smaller baskets) Fold lengthwise right sides together and sew seam 1/4" from the raw edges. Turn right side out and press, leaving the seam on the bottom edge. Secure the elastic at both ends and sew 2 rows (1 on either side of the elastic) the length of the garter. Turn raw edges under on one end and sew on top of the opposite end. For an addded flair add eyelet lace to the fabric. Slip around your favorite basket and enjoy.
  • Make your own Body Scrub:
    1/2 Cup Sugar
    1/2 Cup Olive Oil
    10 drops of your favorite essential oil (rose or sandalwood for example)
    Combine the ingredients and store in a decorative jar or bottle
  • Knit a cozy rug - or remember the braided rugs? A friend did one for her bathroom out of stockings that had runs. She said it was a snap to wash and dried quickly.
  • Turn everyday towels into something special by adding decorative trims, lace, or fringe.
  • Insert rolled towels into a wine rack to keep them handy.
  • Rolled towels also look great in an antique milk crate
  • Use a quilt rack for a Towel Rack
  • Add a garland to the top of your shower curtain.

For Kids

  • This Stuffed Animal Organizer adds verticle interest in a room and gets those animals off the floor.
  • Ideas for Babies Nursery
  • For a new look to their curtains try adding decorative shoelaces as a curtain tieback or catch the fabric loosely in a rubber band and add a Beanie Baby.
  • Art for the Babies Nursery
  • Art for a Child's Room
  • Apply spray on chalk paint to a dresser or closet door.
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