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Art for a Blue and Yellow Room

Is there anything sunnier than a yellow room? Yellow is said to be stimulating, sunny and cheerful, it's associated with intellect, power and creative energy. Bright yellows bring warmth and light into dark rooms, and pale yellows make small rooms seem larger. It's also a great kitchen color. When blue is added the resulting balance is wonderful. The color blue is said to denote feelings of harmony, peace, steadfastness and loyalty. While it's appropriate for any room, blue is an excellent bedroom color because it makes you feel comforted and serene. It can also soften a room that is very bright. With these thoughts in mind any of these art prints can be a starting point for a pleasant room.
Mermaids Photographic Print
Jones, Shelley L
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Blue Flowers in Bottle
Blue Flowers in Bottle Art Print
Col, David
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Blue cornflowers
Blue cornflowers Giclee Print
Ledent, Pol
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Blue and White Delight
Blue and White Delight Art Print
Mock, Barbara
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Sunflowers, c.1881
Sunflowers, c.1881 Art Print
Monet, Claude
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Hydrangea and Swallow
Hydrangea and Swallow Art Print
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British Virgin Islands, Anguilla
British Virgin Islands, Anguilla Art Print
Donnelly, Terry
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Sunflowers, c.1888
Sunflowers, c.1888 Art Print
van Gogh, Vincent
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Blue Dory, Monhegan
Blue Dory, Monhegan Art Print
Hendershot, B.
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Butter Blues
Butter Blues Art Print
Van Dijk,...
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Blue and Yellow Berry Wreath
Hang this Blue and Yellow Berry Wreath on the door

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