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Color and Wall Ideas

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  • Color is one of the fastest and most dramatic way to change a room. Keepin mind that colors go in and out of style. With that in mind pleasing yourself should be the first thought.
    Paint the ceiling a shade lighter than the wall color to add height to the room while painting the ceiling a darker color will make it appear lower.
    To shorten a long, narrow room, paint one end a darker tone than the side walls.
  • White
    All white rooms have always appealed to me. The layers of white on white and the textures seem to create a clean, fresh, and rich look while at the same time allowing for shabby chic to to feel right at home. You'll notice, however that there are tons of 'shades' of white. A stark white room can be very glaring. Choose paint with a good chalky matte finish and then tint it with a hint of yellow or lavender for a depth and sophistication. Find a shade that appeals to you.
    White can also be the backdrop for a very dramatic black and white color scheme. Imagine any of this Artwork in that dramatic room.
  • Blue
    To me blue is a timeless color. Blue conjurs up descriptions of calm, clean, trust, and majestic. I think of blue as the sky and water. I have seen the cool subtle blues mix tastefully with white or pink and be warmed up with yellow for a sunny look as well. From the pastels of a baby's room to the wild cobalt or denim shade of a teen retreat blue can appeal to many. Grayed-down slate blues are a more subtle option. Blue and white has a fresh, cool, and serene feel. Many beach houses are decorated in this combination. Add a little green to the blue and you'll add energy. Think of a bright turquoise mixed with white in a room for a fresh feeling. Pastels mix beautifully with pale birch and pine furniture.
  • Purple
    This soothing, and sophisticated color can evoke a serene feeling. Strong purples can feel old-fashioned, while the dusty shade can be quite chic. A Lavender bedroom can be soothing, while the dusty shade can look rich in living and dining rooms. Blend the lavender with a fresh green or the dusty purple with a sage green for a pleasing combination.
  • Yellow
    Yellow says welcome like no other color. Van Gogh once said it was, "a color capable of charming God." Paired with white as a trim or accent wall it provides a psychological lift. I painted my bedroom yellow to contrast with the existing blues and whites and after 2 years loved it so much I painted the kitchen yellow as well. The kitchen always seemed dark to me but the yellow added a welcoming sunshine even on the dreariest of days. Yellow can be a backdrop to the charm of a Provence motif.
    Imagine any of this Artwork in your blue and yellow room.
    Yellow that is almost ocher blends well with terra-cottas. If you choose yellow for your room test the color on a poster board and observe it in daylight as well as artificial light, also choose one in the middle of the spectrum - one without green or orange undertones.
  • Green
    Green can be elegant and sophisticated or relaxed and rustic. It can be a serene neutral or a vibrant splash depending on the shade you choose. While fresh and uplifting green can be a gloomy color in a room without sun. Olive greens look great with other earthy colors while bright greens, such as lime, look best with similarly bright colors such as a vibrant pink or yellow.
  • Red
    Nothing can beat the drama of red. Pale yellow and red look good together while white can look almost pink. Saturated reds and dark green will always be a great combination.
  • Brown
    Chocolate brown walls with white trim cand look very rich and make your artwork pop.
    Baby pink looks sophisticated when paired with a rich chocolate brown.
  • Browser Safe Color Chart
  • Color Wheel
  • Causes of Color
  • Pigments through the Ages

Painting Tips

  • Dark colors tend to show imperfections so prep work is especially important. Fill holes, cracks, and blemishes beforehand and allow to dry.Use multiple coats of paint as darker tones don't cover as well as lighter colors.
  • Paint 'wet into wet'. The paint will blend better before it dries.

Wall Ideas

  • Add richness and texture by covering walls with fabric.
  • Learn to Venetian Plaster
  • Use a piece of cane as a matt for photos or artwork.
    Woven Natural Cane at
  • Try Frescolina
  • Mirrors
  • The easiest way to redecorate? Paint
  • Frame a large piece of Cork
  • Try a framed aged wall map
  • Frame a collection of Calendar pages for an inexpensive option.
  • To add drama and scale to wall art add a pair of brass wall sconces
  • Either color copy or buy a spare copy of your childs favorite picture story book to use as a wall border.
  • Try using an old window as a frame. Leave the hardware on and paint the whole thing white or cream, sand the edges for a time worn look, add the artwork, and hang.
  • Stencil a Trompe L'oeil Molding
  • Sculptured wallpaper border can be expensive but to make your own can be as simple as matching the background color and cutting off the top or lower edge of the border along the pattern outline.
  • Learn how to make your own mats
  • Mount your collection on the wall to add interest and save valuable table space. Plates, hats, fans, framed handkerchiefs, or sailboats all looks great in groupings.
  • The written word can be a powerful image. Newspaper or sheet music as wallpaper torn and decoupaged on or cut out specific headlines and articles to make interesting reading matter in a bathroom.
    Do you have a certain saying that motivates and inspires you? Then why not addd it to your home decor? Print this phrase in large script letters as a border around the room. Use a stencil or trace the message from your home computer using a pretty font in a large format.
  • Faux Painting can camouflage imperfect wall surfaces. It can also creat the illusion of wood, stone, marble, brick, mosaics, or crackled paint.
  • Frame album covers as a grouping.
  • Stencil Magic Medium Floral Stencils
    Trompe l'oeil
    Sponge painting
    Paint clouds on the wall or ceiling - Basecoat with blue and then sponge on white. Paint clouds with an irregular sponge like a sea sponge. Use a free form shape withmore paint in the center of the clouds and less on the edges. Leave some blue showing through for a more transparent klook.
    If you think about it - murals have been around since the early man started decorating the cave. You can cover a wall or add a piece or two. Small rooms like bathrooms or a nursery can be an easy place to start. Perhaps a tree in the corner of a nursery with flowers around the perimeter of the room. Or a sky on the ceiling with hot air balloons to add a lighthearted feeling. If you have no patience Wallpaper murals are an alternative. A subtle touch of ivy or a grapevine can be a charming addition to a kitchen or dining room. If you want to paint a mural start with a plan, a sketch, and the color scheme. Flotrol is a paint additive which slows down the drying time and allows for some transparency.
    Stencil a wall quilt or a border above a chair rail or at the ceiling.
  • If you want to show off a wonderful scrapbook page, why not frame it?
  • Add a wreath or swag to a door or blank wall space.
  • Add a stencil or get inspired with Dover's Traditional Stencil Designs
  • World Map
    World Map Wall Mural
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    A wall mural can cover a lot of space and add a focal point. It may also be a solution to a windowless space. Add a landscape or beach and top with sheer curtains.

For Fun


  • To add impact to a childs ceiling why not paint on a moon and stars with Glow In The Dark Paint?
  • Use chalkboard paint


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