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Hand Crafted Books

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Create Your Own Pop Up Book
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Hand crafted books can be a wonderful use for personalized cookbooks, journals, travel logs, blessings, photos, autographs, pressed flowers, guestbooks, Christmas Memories, a grandbaby journal, a special diary, or family trees. I even started one for my own special menus.


Start with a cover - perhaps made of Wood, leather, bluejeans, handkerchief, wallpaper, fabric , cork, or watercolor paper. Cut the cover so that it's either twice as wide (to fold in half) or a little larger than your pages (with an optional narrow piece for a spine).
Glue slightly smaller coordinating decorative paper for the lining of the covers.

The pages can be made from Handmade Decorative Paper, paper bags, watercolor paper, scrapbook pages, or kraft paper.
Glue in a ribbon bookmark if you'd like.
Sandwich the pages between the covers and either fold cover or glue on a narrow spine. If you use wood to make the book brass hinges can be used to attach the front cover to a narrow strip of wood to make the pages more stable. Lining up the ends punch at least three evenly spaced holes 1/2 inch from the fold.
Thread a needle with either wire, jute, yarn, ribbon, or raffia and stitch the book together. Finish with beads or a decorative knot.

Altered Books

Have fun with a good garage sale book by decoupaging, stamping, painting, and gluing. Add ribbons, lace, photos, doilies, trading cards, silver charms , stamps, glass beads , origami, sheet music, puzzle pieces, paper dolls, pressed flowers, tags, eyelets, tissue paper, and zippers. Make windows by cutting through pages or add pockets. There are no rules. Follow these simple instructions and then make up your own.



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