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Easter Crafts
Recipes, and Ideas

Country Craft Easter Eggs
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The English Hare Sculpture
English Hare statue
for indoor or outdoor use
Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol
For Children: the Veggie Tales, Easter Carol

Easter Hang-Up
Cross Stitch this little Easter Banner

Precious Moments Rag Doll Bunny
Precious Moments Bunny Doll

Ceramic Bunny Planter
Fill this ceramic planter with violets or easter candy

Pastel Egg Wreath-Easter
This wreath welcomes spring

M&Ms Easter Plush
M & M's Easter Plush

Easter Bunny Tablecloth
Cross stitch this table topper

Craft Ideas

*Layer pastel jelly beans in a pretty jar.
*Make an Easter Bunny Doll
*Hang a quilted piece or a towel from this Bunny
*Blow out an Easter Egg for Decoration - To blow an egg, use a needle to make a tiny hole in an end of the egg. Make a larger hole in the other end. Gently shake the egg to break the yolk or try stirring the egg with a long needle or toothpick. Holding the egg over a bowl blow through the smaller of the two holes. Continue blowing until the egg is empty. Wash the outside and drain on a paper towel. Decorate your blown with paint or markers. If you break your egg save it to make egg shell mosaics.
*Buy Wooden Eggs for painting
*Bunny Pot
Terra Cotta pot
Paint (black, white, and pink)
Paint Brush
Paper twist (white and pink)
Base coat your pot white. Allow to dry. Cut 2 long oval shapes (about one inch longer than the height of the pot) out of white paper twist and 2 smaller long ovals out of pink paper twist. Glue the pink on top of the white for the ears. Glue to the inside of the rim of the pot allowing to droop down with the pink on the inside. Now paint his eyes, nose and mouth. His eyes can be simply two dip dot eyes with the end of a large brush [0 0]. His nose can be hand painted as a pink oval and his mouth either a straight line from his nose or an upside down Y in black - add some blush cheeks and let dry. Top coat with water base sealer and either fill with goodies or plant your favorite posy.
*Try this Gourd Easter Basket
*Bunny Poop
To a small baggie of miniature marshmallows attach the following poem:
The Easter Bunny came last night
So listen, here's the scoop,
He left an Easter treat for you,
His special bunny poop.

Tie with a bit of pastel curly ribbon.
* Angelic Bunny Pin
*Straw Hat Bunny
*Click here for an Easter Greeting from me to you.
* Bunny Heart
3/4" pine for the Bunny Heart
1/2" pine for the paws
Paper Twist in white
Paint and Brushes
Pigma Pen
Cut out the bunny shape and the paws, sand, and clean with a tack cloth. Base coat the heart blue, and the bunny cream. Let dry and use a second coat as needed sanding between coats. Finish with his Black eyes and a pink nose. Out line his nose with black and add a mouth. Add blush to his cheeks. Drill holes for his ears. I cut 2 teardrop shapes the white slightly larger than the pink out of the paper twist for his ears. Glue the pink to the white and then glue in the holes for his ears. Letter the sign and when thoroughly dry mist on a matte finish. Add a hanger to the back and he's ready to hang.

*This bunny has fallen into his easter pot.
4" Terra Cotta Pot Painted in the color of your choice
4" Styrofoam Ball
2" white pom pom
White and pink felt pieces
Easter grass
White Paint
Low temp glue gun
Paint your pot in the color of your choice. Glue and fill with easter grass. Paint the styrofoam ball white and let dry. Glue the body onto the Easter Grass and the pot. Glue the pom pom to the top of the body shape. Cut out 2 white oval shapes and 4 pink oval shapes for the feet. glue to the body so that the pads of the feet are showing and the toes are pointed down.

Easter Decorations

*Create this Easter Candy Topiary
*Make a Tulip basket to fill with either potted plants or Easter Eggs.
Make a Daffodil door sign or this Daffodil placqueto say Welcome
*Paint your favorite Spring flowers on the lid of a basket
*Try an Origami Easter Chick
*Spray paint a tree branch white. Insert it in a terra cotta pot filled with sand, soil, or styrofoam. Decorate it with light weight Easter eggs. (The plastic ones work well or miniature ones) then tuck green easter grass around the base.
*I have a basket of painted eggs (wooden) in a large basket on my coffee table. The eggs have been painted with my living room colors in mind. Some have been painted in a marbleized fashion and some have flowers painted on them. One has a bunch of grapes painted on and one has a butterfly. The total look is quite nice and, of course, they can be used year after year.
*Add an Easter Wreath to your front door- Add to a grapevine wreath an assortment of artificial Styrofoam Eggs painted a dappled color - some cream and some Robins egg blue. (Use a skewer as a handle) Let dry. Using a low temperature glue gun attach the eggs to the wreath and then wrap a vine around the wreath in a loose spiral. Attach a wire for hanging and enjoy.
*Make you own birds nest by using packing straw and a paste of equal parts flour and water. Work the mixture until it holds its shape and then let dry. You can leave it its natural color or spray paint it. Embellish it with an artificial bird and eggs.

For Kids

*Plan an Easter Egg Hunt


Bake your cake in a Bunny Pull Apart Cupcake Mold and then frost it as a unit
For your Easter Meal print out this Easter Menu for a special treat.
Use individual Easter Eggs as placecards with names writeen on them.
Spring Nests
1 12 oz butterscotch flavored chips
5 oz can chow mein noodles
1 cup chopped salted peanuts
1 bag small jelly beans
Line 2 cookie sheets with waxed paper. Melt butterscotch bits. Add noodles and peanuts and stir. Drop large spoonfuls of mixture and shape into nests with your fingers. Chill in the refrigerator. At serving time fill with jelly beans (eggs)
Flower Pot Bread For Spring, Easter, or any Garden Party try this bread. Any regular bread, either white or whole wheat recipe can be baked in clay flower pots for interesting shapes and special brown crusts.
Here is how to prepare pots for Flower Pot Bread:
1. Buy unpainted clay pots - the good old-fashioned red clay kind. The 3 inch pots make individual loaves. The 5-inch pots make nice medium-sized loaves. Five this size should be enough for most bread recipes.
2. Scrub pots thoroughly in hot soapy water. Rinse well under hot running water. Dry overnight.
3. Oil pots well on the inside, including the rim with vegetable oil until the pot will not absorb any more. You'll be surprised how much oil this will take.
4. Set the pots on a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil in a cold oven. Heat to 400 degrees then turn off the heat and leave the pots in the oven to cool. When completely cooled oil them again, repeating the process in the oven. Now the pots are ready to use.
5. Be sure to grease them well before each use, especially around the rim. Don't worry about the hole in the bottom of the pot. The bread dough will quickly seal the hole closed. Try one of your favorite recipes baked this way. Whatever recipe you use, let the dough rise as usual to the shaping stage. Then shape into balls just large enough to half-fill chosen pots.
6. Put dough into prepared pots and let rise in a warm place until dough is level with tops of pots. Baking time will vary with kind of bread and size of pots used. Bake until loaves sound hollow when tapped lightly on top. Use same temperature your recipe requires for these specially-shaped loaves. Let loaves stand in pots about 5 minutes after baking before loosening carefully and turning out on racks to finish cooling.
Use the same process with a saucer for serving the butter.
*Craft recipes for treats such as Bunny Poop and Jellybean Soup


Green Folk Bunny
Green Folk Bunny
Hilliker, Lisa
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