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Gourd Craft Ideas

Craft Your Home with Heart

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Painting a Gourd

After a gourd has been dried and sanded smooth they can be stained or painted with any pattern or design you'd like.
Small gourds can be used as Christmas Ornaments. Depending on the shape they can be painted as Snowmen, Santas, Angels, or Gingerbread Men.
Gourds can be dried, painted and strung on jute by drilling a hole in the top of each gourd, and adding a dab of glue onto the end of the jute. I painted a group of these in their original colors using small gourds and used them as a fall wall hanging.
A dry gourd will loose much of its original color but can be stained or painted and then hot glued into a fall arrangement, wreath, or swag.

Bird House

For hundreds of years Purple Martins have been housed in gourds. This tradition started with Native Americans who recognized the value of Purple Martins in controlling mosquitos and other insects. Paint your or stain and varnish your gourd.
Whether used for decoration or as a home for birds gourds can add charm to a backyard garden. I have a stained gourd on a Shephards hook I can see from my kitchen window. But a painted gourd can add a touch of whimsy. Our Bee and Ladybug birdhouses are easy to paint.
Step by step instructions for a birdhouse.


By cutting off the top of a gourd they can become decorative bowls, purses, boxes, or vases.

Other Ideas

Weave the rim.
Make this Deer Antler Gourd Wall Hanging.
Make a garland of gourds.


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