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Crafting and Decorating
with Handkerchiefs

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Handkerchief Dolls
We made batches of these for our Church Bazaar and they were quite cute. Start with a handkerchief, unfolded. (we used some vintage handkerchiefs and new men's handkerchiefs) Fold in half diagonally and stuff some cotton batting as a head. Tie the neck off with a ribbon bow. Knot each of the two top corners close to the ends. This makes it look like a pair of puffed sleeves and hands. Sew lace around the bottom of the "gown" and across the top of the head to look like a bonnet. We added small silk flower bouquets to her arms and joined them with another ribbon bow

Guest Books
I saw these in a magazine and they would be so sweet as guest books for the new bride or for a new baby. Start by folding a handkerchief in half lengthwise wrong sides together. Insert 2 pieces or cardboard wrapped with batting (for my handkerchief they were 5 1/2 X 5 1/4 inch squares) on either side with a space in the middle for the spine area. Stitch the handkerchief on three sides with the cardboard inside using either a machine or hand stitch with a needle and thread catching the ends of 2 8 inch pieces of ribbon to tie the book closed. Fold in half widthwise. Fold paper 11 inch by 5 1/4 inch in half widthwise and sew down the center spine.

Bed Pillow
Using 2 handkerchiefs of the same size and color sandwich a pillow form in between and stitch on the outside all 4 sides.

Ring Bearer Pillow After following the above directions for making a bed pillow sew a 24 inch length of ribbon to the center by stitching it in the middle and pulling it through to the opposite side making a dimple - you may want to embellish the center with some seed pearls. Continue to go back and forth through the pillow several times. The rings are now ready to be tied on.

Hankie Invitation Inside a pretty hankie lay your invitation face up. Fold the opposite corners over the invitation until all four corners have created an envelope. Tie a pretty ribbon around the invitation and finish off with a pretty charm.

Decorating Ideas

  • Sew together a pleasing assortment for use as: curtains, table topper, or a quilt top. If you don't sew you can clip them to a cafe curtain rod for use as a valance.
  • I have a china hutch with glass doors and have draped vintage white lace edged handkerchiefs on a diagonal so that the corner triangles are hanging over the edges three across. It looks lovely and adds a softness to all those hard edges.
  • Use a vintage handkerchief tucked in a beaded bag for an elegant addition to your dresser.
  • Frame them in a collection for a dramatic effect.
  • Use them as Basket liners.
  • Use them as a sachet with a ribbon tied to close the hankie.

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