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Make this Nighttime Prayer Quilt Stamped Cross Stitch Kit
Make a Leap of Faith Frog
Paint or embellish with needlework a bible cover
Cover a Memory Album or make a prayer journal
Make this Scroll Saw Noah's Ark Puzzle
Create Angel Bubbles
This Dove Ornament would make a lovely mobile

Home Decor

A favorite prayer, psalm, or other sign ideas can be an inspirational start to any day.
Or inspire people before they even enter your house with garden signs or welcomes.
Make an Angelic Centerpiece:
Clear Glass Container
Smaller jar
Blue Food Coloring
Cotton Balls
Floral frog
Floral arrangement
Angel Ornaments
Inside a low clear glass container add a smaller jar filled with water and blue food coloring. In the space between the jar and the container insert cotton balls (clouds) allowing some of the blue water (sky) to show through. Using a floral frog place a small bouquet of your favorite flowers into the jar (no higher than 3 or 4") Place a 6" candle in the center wedging down into the frog. Using wire and clear tape insert one or more angel ornaments into the floral arrangement well away from the flame of the candle. As with all candles do not allow to burn without supervision.
Make a greeting card by sponging a blue background over torn paper 'cloud shapes' to represent the sky.

Biblical Gardens

Listing of Biblical Plants
Add this Baby Saint Francis Sculpture to your garden to add a smile to your area.
St. Fiacre, the Gardener's Patron Saint Statue


Hand Print Lamb
Bible Coloring Pages


Finding Joy
Santos of New Mexico
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