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Laundry Room Decor
and Crafts

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• Art for the Laundry Room
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Laundry Room
Laundry Room Wood Sign
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Over Door Ironing Board & Accessory Holder by Organize It All
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Laundry Shelf - Over Washer Storage Shelf by Whitney Design™
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Bongo Buddy Hamper
Bongo Buddy Hamper

Ironing Board in a Drawer
Ironing Board in a Drawer


  • Add scent to your clean clothes by tossing a fragrance pad into the dryer. Start by cutting 2 6" by 6" pieces of fabric. Sew right sides together on 3 sides and stuff with a small amount batting. Add a few drops of your favorite lavendar or lemon essential oil and sew the last side closed. Add to the dryer for a fresh scent.
  • Crafts with Dryer Lint
  • Make an angel worry doll from a clothespin
  • Make a clothespin reindeer. Delete the legs and use him as a pin or magnet.
  • Make Longjohns out of tube socks



  • Use baby clothes or doll clothes to create a swag or valance of clothes hanging on a line with old fashioned Clothespins
  • Add this Fish Hamper to a nautical room.
  • Hang a washboard - either plain or painted for an old time country feel.
  • Laundry rooms are often tucked away so this may be the room to try a painted mural or new faux paint technique.
  • Closets near a kitchen, hallway, or bedroom can often be updated to include the water, power, and venting required for a washer and dryer. If it's a small closet consider a stacking washer and dryer.
  • Hot glue tacks to Mini Clothespins for use on a bulletin board.
  • If you have a concrete floor consider painting it. Clean first with soap and water, and rinse completely; let dry. Apply a waterproof sealer and let dry. Now you're ready to paint.
  • Hang an old fabric purse from a coat hook and fill with clothes pins

Sign Ideas

  • Everything Comes Out in the Wash
  • Laundry Makes Me a Basket Case
  • Laundry 7 days a Week Makes One Weak
  • Laundry - Where Mom Hangs Out
  • Life is Like a Spin Cycle
  • Normal is Just a Setting on the Dryer
  • This Laundry Room is Self Cleaning - Do It Yourself!


  • A shelf over the washer and dryer is a helpful way to organize your supplies. If you budget will allow a cabinet mounted over the space it will add capacity and hide the storage at the same time.
  • Laundry Hints from the Vinegar Institute
  • Basket storage is a handy decorative solution for keeping laundry needs, a sewing kit, or hangers within reach but without adding to a cluttered look.
  • Laundry Tips
  • Tips:
    *Since you may have to replace your washer and dryer someday, don’t customize the room to hold only those units - leave some wiggle room.
    *Install automatic shutoff valves in case a hose breaks.
    *Insulation placed n the walls and floor will reduce noise vibrations.



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