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Fall & Halloween Ideas,
Crafts, & Recipes

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Autumn Art
Crafts from Nature
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Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Square 1
Buy this Art Print at

Witch Pumpkin Decorative
Decorate your pumpkin in minutes with this set

Happy Halloween Sampler
Cross Stitch this Banner

Jack-O-Melt Candle
Jack-O-Melt Candles

Precious Moments Pumpkin Doll

Small Crooked Witch Broom
Lean this broom against your porch or fireplace for instant ambience

Pumpkin Fairy Toddler Costume
What toddler wouldn't love to be the pumpkin fairy?

RIP Skeleton Hands Tombstone Decoration
This tombstone (or a collection of them adds a spooky touch to any lawn

Wizard of OZ Dress Up Trunk
Wizard of Oz Dress Up Trunk

Plush Princess Candy Bucket
This plush Princess candy bucket can be used long after Halloween

Pumpkin Crafts
  • Cute Pumpkin patch Teddy
  • Pumpkin Place Cards - Use a marker on miniature pumpkins
  • Pumpkins make great vases. Hollow out, fill with water or omit the water and use dried florals with branches of leaves.
  • Decorate with these Orange Halloween Drape Lights
  • Make this Jack O' Lantern wreath for any door.
  • Paint this trio.
  • Sew up a Pumpkin Placemat
  • Crochet a Pumpkin Basket
  • Use a loom to knit these Pumpkins
  • Cross Stitch this Autumn Tablecloth
  • Instead of carving a face this year try painting one on. Or make a vegetable face by attaching vegetables with toothpicks and hot glue. The kids can join you using curly lettuce for hair, zucchini slices with raisins for eyes, a green bean mouth, a carrot nose and so forth. Or add stickers to a plain pumpkin.
  • Carve heart shapes or stars into your pumpkin using cookie cutters as patterns
    Sprinkle the inside of your pumpkin with cinnamon for an added delicious smell.
    Or let your child get out his or her Mr Potato head and use them on a miniature pumpkin. Kids love to decorate mini pumpkins. Write a family members name on each with markers and then let children add halloween faces.
  • Take a look at these primitive Halloween labels and get inspired.
  • Create Pumpkin Party favor bags.
  • Cut out wooden pumpkins using this template.
  • Painted Tin Can pumpkin.
  • Make a pumpkin topiary carved with jack o' lanterns, your house numbers or spell out B O O.

Pumpkin Recipes
Eatable Seeds - Scrape the seeds out of a fresh pumpkin. Wash them, mix the seeds with butter (aprox 2 Tbsp per 2 cups of seeds), 2 Tbsp salt, and stir. Place them on a cookie sheet in a 200 degrees F oven for about 45 minutes.
Recipe for one Gory Hand - This is both a yummy treat and a frightful decoration. Use a new clean rubber glove. Rinse it out first as some gloves have a dusting of talc powder. Make a strong cherry or orange Jell-O by using 3/4 of the recommended amount of water. Hang the glove over the sink with clothes pins attached to thin strips of wood or get someone to help fill the glove. When the Jell-O has cooled pour into glove and place in the freezer. Be careful not to have the hand pressing against anything or it will ruin the shape. When the Jell-O is frozen cut the glove off using small scissors. Keep your masterpiece in the refridgerator until ready to display.
Jack O' Lantern Cake - a whimsical dessert made with a cake mix and orange icing. Needed:
1 package cake mix (any flavor)
2 containers vanilla frosting divided
1 flat bottom ice cream cone
1 tube of brown icing
food coloring
10 inch Bundt Pan
Prepare, bake and cool the cake according to package directions. Measure 1/4 cup frosting into a small bowel and tint with green food coloring. Placing the cone upside down frost to resemble the stem and refrigerate. Tint the remaining icing with red and yellow until a pumpkin orange. Frost the cooled cake with the orange icing. The face can be added with the tube of brown icing. Place the upside down cone in the center hole for a stem.
Witches Brew - A ghoulish punch to serve on Halloween. Presentation is everything - this punch is best served in a black kettle (witches cauldron). Put dry ice (with tongs) in a large kettle and insert a smaller punch bowl inside. This will allow the punch to stay cool and the fog effect is fun. The trick is to freeze cherry kool aid inside a glove the night before (Prop the open end up to prevent spillage or tie off) to float in the brew - you may even want to add a gummy worm or two to the mixture. Peel the glove off and even put a ring on the finger if you'd like - one of those plastic spider rings would be good.
The recipe can be any of your favorites - I like the following:
1 1/2 cups orange juice
4 cups apple cider
1 cup pineapple juice
2 Tbs sugar
Bourbon to taste if desired
Just before serving add 4 cups chilled ginger ale
Cinnamon sticks are a nice addition to the glasses.
What a festive start to a party don't you think?
Make these 3D Cookies

Fall Scarecrow

  • Scarecrow gourd
  • There are so many different types of scarecrows, there do seem to be a few common elements however; A plaid flannel shirt, Straw, and a Hat. The crows are optional. The frame of the scarecrow is shaped like a "t". The bottom is pointed to insert into the ground. Cut the cross of the "t" shorter than the width of both sleeves of the shirt. His face can be stuffed or painted on wood. Draw an oval shape approximately 8" by 9" allowing a 5/8" seam allowance if using fabric. I like tea stained muslin painted with the facial features. A triangle orange nose, black dip dot eyes, blush his cheeks and add a smile. Either hammer or hot glue his head to the top of the "t". Hot glue straw or raffia as hair to the top of his head. Add a straw or burlap hat. Button on the flannel shirt inserting and hot gluing straw or raffia at the neckline and sleeves. Tie the sleeves off with raffia or jute. To further embellish him you can tie a plaid bow around the neck, add a sunflower to the hat, and of course add crows. You could also add a sign such as:
    Happy Harvest
    Autumn Welcome
    If I only had a Brain
    Crows Welcome
  • Friendly Scarecrow
WitchesGhost crafts
  • Ghost Windsock
  • Make several of these friendly ghosts to suspend from a tree or the ceiling.
  • Ghost Centerpiece
    Needed For 1 Ghost:
    2 liter soda bottle
    2 Bendable Straws
    Small Balloon
    White Glue
    Cheesecloth approximately 24" square
    Scraps of black felt
    To make one ghost tape two straws horizontally at the neck of the bottle for arms. Flex into desired position. Blow up a balloon and tape to the top of the bottle. Dilute White Glue (the less diluted, the faster it dries). Dip cheesecloth pieces into the solution and drape onto the form arranging into folds. Make sure the cheesecloth is long enough to have some flowing out onto the table (after it dries this will allow the ghost to stand). Cut out eyes & a mouth from black felt & glue in place. Drying time approximately 30-45 minutes. Once it is thoroughly dried pop the balloon, and separate the ghost from it's form.
    Tip: If you group 3 together for a family use different frame sizes such as a water bottle or milk carton. Hang from the ceiling using fishing line.

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