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Christmas Ornaments

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These ornaments snap together making them easy to fill with memories, candy, or a tiny gift.
Thomas Kinkade Heirloom Santa Christmas Ornament Collection
I Can Explain Christmas Ornament
I'm On The List, Right? Christmas Ornament
Christmas Sayings Ornaments
Cross stitch these ornaments for gifts and yourself
Babys First Christmas Ornament
Personalize Baby's first Christmas Ornament
Personalized Snowy Name Ornament
Santa's Little Angels Sleeping Baby Angels Christmas Tree Ornaments: Set One
Sweet Babies

Frosted Enchantment Winter Fairy Collectible Ornament Collection: Set One
Winter Fairies

Traditional Shiny Christmas Ornaments Set
Great for a newly wed or to fill out any tree

Norman Rockwell Holiday Train Collection
How about a train to circle your tree?

Personalized Christmas From Heaven Pewter
Christmas from Heaven Ornament to Personalize

*The Pickle Ornament has its roots in a German legend - the last decoration placed on the Christmas tree was a pickle (carefully hidden in the branches.) Legend says the one who found the pickle on December 25 would be blessed with a year of good fortune.
*Fold paper into origami ornaments
*Cross Stitch an Ornament
*Paint this Penguin to hang from your tree
*Using a coloring book for basic shapes cut patterns for wooden or stuffed felt ornaments. For a variation on these ornaments try sewing brown craft paper stuffed with scented batting. They can be painted and embellished.
*Cut out and paint a Cardinal.
*Create a swag with personalized stockings - one for every member of the family.
*Recycle Spice cans into ornaments by drilling holes to insert a wire hanger, then embellish with silk greenery and cinnamon sticks
*Recycle some of those CD's - Using an empty plastic CD case as a frame for children's art cut to size. All that's needed is a a ribbon slipped through the top and tied on the outside as a hanger.
*Spell N O E L onto miniature stacked blocks, drill a hole from top to bottom and string with jute with a knot between each block and at the top and bottom. Loop the top of the jute to hang.
*Stitch up all 30 of these Tiny Stockings from a kit.
*Gingerbread men - made from Dough, wood, sand paper, cork, corrugated cardboard or even a brown paper bag. Embellish with paint or ric rac icing, a heart, buttons, cloves, or patches.
*Make Christmas Ornaments from Cards and Wrapping Paper
*Cinnamon Ornaments

3/4 - 1 cup drained applesauce
1 - 4.12 oz. bottle ground cinnamon
For variation try adding:
1 tbsp ground cloves
1 tbsp ground Nutmeg
2 tbsp white glue
Mix ingredients together and roll to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut with cookie cutters into desired shape and use a toothpick to make hole for hanging. Allow to air-dry for several days, turning them over daily to dry evenly. Hang from ribbon or cord.
*Cinnamon Logs - Glue three (short) cinnamon sticks into a triangle stack to resemble a stack of logs. Tie a ribbon around the stack with a bow on top. You may further embellish with berries, leaves and whatever you desire. Attach a ribbon for hanging.
*Rusty tin shapes can be simulated with painted sand paper. Perhaps cut into shapes of gingerbread men, mittens, stars, snowmen, trees, stockings, log cabins, canoes, moose, or hearts. Sandwich and glue 2 pieces of sandpaper together with the gritty side showing, paint, and cut into shapes. Further embellishment can be added with punches - use a small punch to form a hole and hang with torn pieces of homespun fabric ties.
* Bible Heroes-Story of David Christmas Ornament
*Wreaths made of clear plastic tubing (such as used in fish tanks) can be filled with small candies, glued shut and hung with a ribbon tied around the seam.
*Try a Raggedy Ann Clothes Pin Christmas Ornament Pattern
*Make an ornament from drinking straws
*Paint the happiest star by adding dip dot eyes and a smile, blush his cheeks and glue on a piece of Christmas tree light strand (the kind used to embellish doll house furniture)

*Make an occupation ornament
*Inflate a small balloon and knot the end. Holding the balloon by the knot paint with a thin layer of liquid fabric stiffener. Wrap the balloon with string in a random pattern using the knot as a starting and finishing point. Paint with another layer of fabric stiffener. Repeat the wrapping until the surface of the balloon has the desired effect. Apply a finishing coat of fabric stiffener and let dry. Pop the balloon and pull out through the hole left by the knot. Use a pin to remove any residue left by the stiffener. Attach a cord to hang and embellish as desired.
*Wrap a Styrofoam balll with moss and hot glue dried flowers, add a ribbon for hanging and a small decorative bird.
*Try some Crocheted Christmas Ornament Covers by Susan M. Allen
*Recycle Spice cans into ornaments by drilling holes to insert a wire hanger, then embellish with silk greenery and cinnamon sticks.
*Clear Glass Balls filled with Popcorn are an old fashioned ornament idea. Remove the metal top from a large clear glass ball and add 20-40 kernels of microwavable popcorn in the ornament. Place the ornament in a paper bag and put in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Listen carefully, you may not need to leave them in for a full two minutes. When the popcorn is done popping, carefully remove the ornament, it will be hot. After allowing them to cool, reinsert the metal top and tie a length of jute or ribbon on the top to hang from your tree. These balls can be further embellished by painting pine needles and berries on them or the name of the recipient if it is to be a gift.
*Swirled Paint Ornaments can be done to coordinate with just about any color decor. Rinse a clear glass ball out with vinegar, then with water and allow to air dry. Remove the metal tops then, using 2 or 3 colors of acrylic paint, squeeze in one color swirling the ball slowly to start a pattern and then add another color to the unpainted areas swirling again until the glass is completely covered. After swirling, you'll need to tip them upside down to drain for about 15-20 min. Then sit them right side up and allow to dry. Metallic colors look great with this craft as well. Try fun combinations such as reds and golds, blues and silver, and so forth. When they are completely dry reinsert the metal top and add a ribbon for hanging.
*Stamp pieces of white linen with Christmas images, stuff with potpourri, and close with a blanket stitch, adding a ribbon for hanging.

*Stitch up this adorable Felt Angel Bear Pocket.
*Angel O'Tulle
*Belle Angel
*The Snowman Salt Shaker instructions (see below) can be adapted to make angels. Fill the shaker with tiny silk flowers, add wings made of lace, hair, and a bow at the neck.

*Using a wooden curtain ring tie lengths of torn calico fabric to make a wreath.
*Wrap old spools with homespun fabric and hang with jute.
*Make Handkerchief angels to hang from the tree. Just add wings to the doll pattern.

*Try a length of jute about 4 inches long with a loop at each end as a swag from limb to limb. Using miniature clothes pins hang miniature stockings on the line. These could be personalized with names.
*Use baby stockings or mittens as money holders to hang on the tree

Snow and Snowmen
*Cut a few Snowflakes for your tree.
*Miniature signs can be painted as arrows that say North Pole with snow texture on top.
*Paint a Lightbulb Snowman.
*Salt Shaker Snowman

4 1/2 inch salt shaker with stainless steel screw on cap
1 1/2 inch wooden ball
Thick Craft Glue
Paints - white, black, orange, and pink
Scrap of torn fabric for a scarf
Remove the lid of a glass salt shaker, and fill with glitter. Base coat the head white, let fry then apply a bead of glue around the top of the shaker and place the wooden ball, allow to dry completely. Paint 2 dip dot eyes, a carrot nose and 2 pink cheeks. Attach a cord to the neck to use as a hanger and glue in place at the neck and the back of the head. Tie the scarf around the neck using a dab of glue for additional security. Glue the lid to the head
*Use old artist brushes as new ornaments. Start by coating the entire brush in snow tex, let dry, add dip dot eyes, a carrot nose, and tie a scrap of fabric around his neck. Add a black hat with a tooth pick piece for the brim and drill a small hole for hanging.

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