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The Rabbit Hutch

Green Folk Bunny

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From famous rabbits such as Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, the Velveteen Rabbit, the Easter Rabbit, Harvey, and Buggs Bunny to the less famous variety rabbits have been used in literature, folkart, and crafts for years. Try your hand at a creature or get inspiration from:


  • Paint or sew this Primitive Bunny
  • Make this Garden Bunny
  • Cross stitch this Bunny table topper
  • Paint this Wooden Bunny Puzzle
  • Stitch up this Jar Wrapper
  • Paint this Whass Up Wabbit
  • For a primitive bunny - stitch a loose outline around a graphic such as this bunny. Or use him as a paint pattern.
  • Make this Origami Bunny
  • Make these Sock Bunnies
  • Knit this whimsical Bunny
  • Signs can be painted on a rectangular piece of wood very simply with the addition of a bunny (either wooden, stuffed, or plush) or the wood itself can be cut out in the shape of a rabbit. Perhaps they could be painted on a small sign for a terra cotta pot with a small bunny added either to the plant or the pot. One idea leads to another.
    Ideas for a Bunny sign include:
    Some Bunny Loves Me
    Every Bunny Welcome
    Don't Worry... Be Hoppy
    Bunny Crossing
    Will Work For Carrots
    Bunny Hugs 5
    Bunny Collector
    Hop On In
    Is it Spring Yet?
    A Wild Hare
    Rabbit Crossing
    O Hoppy Day
  • Bunny Can
    There are many ways to recycle a can. This project could be painted and used in many ways: Add Easter grass and jelly beans and you'll have a sweet Easter basket. Or save the lid and fill with tissue and cookies. Slice a slot on the lid and use as a bank. Painted in other ways they can be used to store small craft supplies. Or punch a large hole in the bottom and use for planter, use to store your brushes and they are also great for pouring grease storage from cooking.
    Materials Needed:
    Acrylic paint
    12 inch piece of 19 gauge Craft Wire (optional)
    Needle Nose Pliers
    White paper twist
    Hot Glue and glue gun
    Glossy Water Based Varnish
    Start with a clean dry can. This pattern can be enlarged for use on a coffee can. On either side of the can drill a small hole if you want to add a wire handle. Paint the can white and allow to dry. Two coats will be needed. Add black eyes, a mouth, and a pink nose. When thoroughly dry finish with 2 coats of varnish. Cut 2 long teardrop shapes out of white paper twist for his ears and glue to the inside of the can folding to droop. At this point the wire can be added. Thread one end of the wire through the hole and with a needle nose plier curl the end around and around to create a plug so the handle will not come out do the same with the other side. Fill your can and he's ready for Easter.
  • A Bunny Hat Pin
  • Paint this Rabbit on a tray
  • Make these Terra Cotta bunny ornaments out of miniature pots.

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