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Crafty Bears

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Bear Cake Set
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  1. Craft a Honey Spoon for your kitchen or use as a Christmas ornament.
    • Wooden spoon
    • Honey colored hot glue
    • Miniature stuffed teddy bear
    • Miniature candle cup
    • Sharpie marking pen
    • Piece of jute
    • Drill
    Drill a hole in the end of the spoon to tie a piece of jute through for hanging. Write on the candle cup HONEY and then glue the bear as if he were hugging the bowl of the spoon with one arm and the honey pot with the other. Drizzle the "honey" (hot glue) in the pot and on the mouth of the bear with a little spilling off his paws onto the bowl of the spoon.
  2. Bring home one of these Teddies
  3. Fill your next card with confetti made from a Craft Bear Punch
  4. To any bear try adding this poem:
    The Burden Bear

    I'm not a very fancy bear -
    I'm plain and rather small.
    But someone who really likes you,
    Said I should come to call.

    Hide me 'neath your pillow
    or on a nearby shelf.
    And when you feel discouraged
    I'll do my best to help.

    I've brought my favorite blankie,
    to snuggle when I'm sad.
    It's a present from my Granny
    for times when things look bad.

    My Granny always told me,
    Life's like a patchwork quilt
    Give Jesus all the pieces
    and he'll make a pretty quilt.

    Sometimes I don't see the pattern
    He seems so far away
    Then I clutch my little blankie
    And I pray and pray and pray.

    Though I don't have all the answers
    For I'm just a 'Burden Bear'
    I've been sent here on a mission
    From someone who really cares.

    When you see me please remember
    You're in her thoughts and prayers.

    I framed some of these poems with a miniature bear hot glued to the corner of the frame holding a small quilt. They would also look cute with a small 'book' of the poem attached.

  5. Teddy Bear Stained Glass Pattern
  6. Cross Stitch this Angel Bear
  7. Personalized Teddy Bear Print
  8. Paint this sweet bear.
  9. Applique this Bear
  10. Check out this collection of Bear Art
  11. Sew Fremont, The Yankee Doodle Bear
  12. Turn Grandma's (or flea market) fur coats into a Teddy Bear or use an old quilt for a charming look.
  13. Sit your Teddy on a table then, using hot glue, allow her to hug a small frame.
  14. This Teddy Bear Throw will keep you warm
  15. A special bear can look wonderful sitting in a dolls chair in a book case.
  16. Using hot glue attach a black board in the arms of your Teddy - this can be used as a Christmas count down or a message board. Drill a hole in each upper corner of the black board to hang it on the wall.
  17. A medium sized Teddy can straddle a tea cup filled with potpourri, dried florals or a candle.
  18. Paint this sweet faced bear
  19. A wooden sign can be base coated, and a small Teddy hot glued in the corner.
    Suggested sign ideas:
    • Home is Where Your Honey Is
    • Grin and Bear it
    • Paws for Thought
    • Never Bear a Grudge
    • You're Beary Welcome
    • Have a Teddy-rific Day
    • I love You Beary Much
    • Love Bears all Things
    • Bear Hugs Given Here
    • Bear Hugs 5
    • Friends Make Life Bearable
    • Bear Den - Enter At Your Own Risk
    • For a bathroom how about Bear Bottoms Welcome
    • Have a Beary Merry Christmas
    • My teddy bear has a tear and
      Love flows from him everywhere
    • Old teddy bear torn and tattered, you were my friend when it really mattered
    • Tattered Treasures
    • Never Fear - Teddy is Here
    • Bear With Me
    • Friends Fur-Ever
  20. Bear Button Trouble Ndlpnt12X16
  21. For a quick decor item try these Wallies Wallpaper Cutouts -Bear & Trees or add a border with Eddie Bauer's Teddy Bear
  22. Sew either of these Patterns for Mohair Teddies
  23. Make Your Own Plush-Bear & Scarf
  24. Small bears can be dressed and adorned for a Teddy Bear Picnic. Props are available from the doll section of your toy or craft shop.
  25. Polar Bear Rug
  26. For your wedding or anniversary decorate with these Mini Bride & Groom Bears
  27. Kitchen Cookie Jar - Slurping Up The Honey

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