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Nest View


Use tin cans to make candle holders for outdoor candles. Fill the cans with water and freeze prior to punching on a design with a hammer and nail. Use rust resistant paint to finish it* *Add twinkle lights to the inside of an umbrella or outdoor canopy.*Add solar powered lighting.

Wreath Ideas

*Try a wreath made out of an old garden hose. Add a little twig trellis, a birds nest and some flowers*A bird seed wreath placed on a stake* Decorate a straw hat with garden gloves, seed packages, and small pots for an alternative to a wreath.

Plant Bed Ideas

If you have a tree add these 3 Gnome Tree Climbers for a whimsical look* Fiona lends a magical presence with her lacy butterfly wings, flower-wreathed curls, and delicate fingertips. * This Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler can keep pests away* Welcome friends with this Personalized Garden Welcome Sign * *Frame an entrance with an arbor* Make a Butterfly Garden* For your feathered friends make a birdbath from a concrete leaf casting.* For small gardens make this miniature wishing well Recycle trash into planters - How about an old iron bed for a flower bed? Or an old dresser? Drill holes in the drawyers for drainage, add heavy plastic with holes, gravel, and soil. Leav the drawyers slightly open and plant flowers and ivy. Perhaps a stone statue on top to finish the look* St. Francis lends peaceful serenity to your private home or garden sanctuary. More than 3' tall and full of detail! *The seat of a chair can become a whimsical planter*make a garden gazing ball by adding a mosaic to a bowling ball* Add a garden pond*Build a bridge over a dry stream to add interest and architecture to any garden.* Turn an old chair into a beautiful planter*Make stepping stones with your child's hand print. As they grow add new ones, allowing them to write their name as a milestone to their changing handwriting* Plant Marigolds in your vegetable garden as a mother natures pest control.*Use a discarded barbecue grill as a planter. Add a layer of gravel for drainage and plant some trailing ivy and annual flowers for a whimsical addition to your garden. *Let this Pegasus Garden Stake fly above your flowers *Use a discarded wheel barrow on it's side to plant a few annuals for an addition to your garden. Or leave a pot half buried on its side to add interest. *Make your own Stepping Stones*Add a Garden Angel on a stake*Add a Hummingbird Crossing Sign*Look for old or interesting pieces of wood to varnish and place in the garden. Try a hollow log with a small plant growing in a container. *Make a Mosaic Birdbath *Chimes can be made from 1/2 inch electrical metal conduit pipe. Cut 3 different lengths. (about 7, 6, and 5 inches) Drill a hole at one end and string with fishing line. The chimes can be hung from anything - A piece of driftwood, a pot, a birdhouse, or an angel cut out*Try a potted flowering plant hanging from a shephards hook to add instant color and height*For instant height and interest try adding plants to a Trellis* *Add some WindchimesBirdbaths can be quite versatile - add a piece or round glass and it can become an end table, add sand and dirt for an elevated planter, or add water and floating candles for a party atmosphere*If you have water build this foot bridge*


Paint-A-Bird Feeder*Try a Bouquet Flower Box Hummingbird Feeder *This birdhouses attaches to a window to give you a View of the Nest * Make this Hummingbird dripper* Nothing adds charm and whimsey faster than adding a birdhouse. They can be as decorative or as functional as you'd like. From a hand painted gourd, to a stained gourd, to a terracotta house, or the traditional wooden house. The price tags can vary from yard architecture at its most creative to a more simple Wren House*Paint a gourd to be used as a Ladybug Birdhouse, or a Bee birdhouse*
Add a sign to your birdhouse such as:
Home Tweet Home
Empty Nest
Every Birdie Welcome
Home is Where You Build Your nest
Fly on Inn

Harvested from the Garden

*Collect lavender and tie it with pretty ribbon to hang up-side-down or to tie onto a gift basket.Or try it as a sachet. After it has dried place it in a muslin bag and tie very very tightly then toss it into the dryer with your clothes to enjoy*Make a Lavender Wand* Try drying your own Potpourri. I have been doing this for months now and have been quite pleased with the blends. Color coordinate your prunings into paper bags and add seed pods, flower petals, sea shells, cinnamon bark, leaves - whatever looks pretty and smells like your garden. Oils can be added later to boost the smell*Paint a Gourd as a bird house - See my Free Pattern as an example*String Garlic or chili peppers into a rope or wreath*Also see our Page of Nature Crafts*If you trade seeds add a pretty label from your computer.*

Pot Ideas

For a lush looking pot plant one trailing plant, one tall specimen, and one bushy plant* Use a very large terra cotta pot as a coffee table with a piece of glass on top. You can use it as is or soften it a bit with a white wash effect. *Place a pot with the saucer on top for a sweet bird bath. - Embellish them with: Paint, Crackle finish, Stenciling, Glazes, Paint Pens, Clay, Decoupage, or Fabric*Glue on mosaic tiles or broken bits of pottery, fill with grout for a mosaic pot. *String graduated sizes together using jute to create a garden wind chime with the smaller over the larger over the larger. *Hang one upside down with a bundle of jute strung through the drainage hole and knotted on either end of the hole. Attach miniature garden tools to the inside of the pot by drilling a small hole at the end of their handles and then threading the jute through each hole and securing with a knot and glue. *Use miniature pots as votives. *Incorporate pots into a bench plan *Attach small painted wooden shapes wired together to the outside of the pot in a garland. *Use the tiny ones for a pin or earrings. *Buila a patio wall with a planter. *Line them with plastic wrap and use to serve food. *Drill a hole through the drain hole to make it large enough to use as a napkin ring. *Make bird baths from flower pot saucers. *Use for silverware. *Write on a miniature pot with a paint pen for place cards. *2 saucers become a garlic roaster. *Turn a miniature pot upside down, add a wooden ball for a head and make any doll. *Use them for candle holders*Store paint brushes, pens, and pencils. *Use a small pot for business cards. *Use a large saucer to hold a cake decorated with crumbled oreos (dirt), and gummy worms. *Hold seed packages. *Use a large pot to hold rolled towels. *Hung upside down with a small wooden ball or jingle bell as a clapper they make charming bells. *Use a large saucer for your fruit bowl. *Use a small pot to hold your favorite stuffed bunny. *Use a large saucer to plant some cress or grass for an unusual coffee table plant. *Fill with garden gloves, seeds, and a trowel for a gardening gift basket. *Plant a topiary. *Plug the hole and use as a candle mold. *Use a very large pot in the garden as a place to throw weeds after you've pulled them. *Use a saucer to hold potpourri. *Grow fresh herbs on your window sill. *Use broken pieces as shingles glued to a bird house roof. *Lay a small pot on its side a embellish with moss, silk flowers and a bird - this works equally well if you have a broken pot. *Lay a very large pot on its side half buried in the garden to give instant age to a landscape. *Take a pretty ribbon and thread it through the hole in the bottom of a miniature pot, hot glue to secure and you have a bookmark. *To a small pot glue a clothespin upside down for a recipe holder. *Use a pair of them as wall pockets with bundles of dried lavender tied with a raffia bow. *Use saucers as candle holders with river rocks scattered around the outside. *Use a saucer as a candle mold. *Stuff garden gloves lightly, hot glue the cuffs together and then hot them as if they were holding the pot. Plant with silk plants and add a stuffed critter. *Use as a Lamp base and fill with silk ivy. *Secure a pot within a pot. In the outside pot plant ivy. The inside pot can be used for an interchangeable floral display. *Make a tiered display by stacking a small saucer on top of an upside down small pot on top of a medium saucer on top of an upside down medium pot on top of a large saucer. *Make a fountain with the water splashing from one pot to another. *Create a mosaic work of art on your pot with shells, tiles, marbles, pottery, or river rock *Decoupage a flower pot
For an unusual plant containers line with plastic any of the following:
An old boot, a cowboy boot, or a baby shoe
A small cooking pot
A Watering Can
A Teapot
Bean Pot
A Colander (lined with moss and dirt)
A basket
Miniature Roses would look wonderful in an old purse or handbag.
The secret is to use gravel for drainage. Pots can be embellished as well. Stand up twigs all cut to a similar height around the pot and add twine. Or broken plates, bits of glass, seashells, and pebbles can be affixed with tile adhesive and grout. Try planting in a recycled pair of overalls

Add a Coat of Paint

You can paint, stencil, or stain concrete* Paint this Yellow Hibiscus on any surface* Paint a metal lawnchair.* How does your mailbox look? Use Delta's PermEnamel to give it a new look. Wash the box with soap and water, dry, apply the conditioner and apply the metal primer. The primer dries clear. Paint on your design and follow with the Clear Gloss Glaze*Paint Your Pots to match or co-ordinate with he look*Paint your favorite scene or your address on a Tin Bucket and then fill it with mail, silk flowers, or guest towels. *Stencil a Garden onto an accent wall *Make your own hanging pots


Create an instant garden with these English Garden Drapery Panels* Garden Crafts are not just for outdoors, there are numerous ways to bring the garden feeling and charm into any room. Consider any of these ideas: Stencil a garden above the baseboards and around a room adding a picket fence for a whimsical realistic touch* Stitch this simple pillow*Add a silk garland to your window topper* Floral fabrics*Add a pair of decorated garden gloves* An Indoor window box*Make Watercolor Dragonflies with Fimo A picket fence on hinges to use as a fireplace screen* On old weathered picket fence as a headboard *Add a Floral Swag over your bed *Add dried florals to a garden glove, add a wire hanger and hang *Add a Wood Birdhouse Plant Poke to a plant or wreath*Add miniature tools, pots, garden gloves, nests or seed packets to a wreath*A plain grapevine wreath can be used as a frame around a mirror* Add a vintage hat with silk flowers around the brim*

Deck Ideas

Build a back yard deck *If you have the option of adding another level - stairs can become extra seatig*Consider Deck lighting or In deck lighting*

Porch or Patio

Create your own colorful tropical paradise with our "Polly" parrot hanging from her own metal ring and chain. Perfect anywhere! * Use these 3 inch Garden Molds to add a garden touch to any room* Consider adding Patio & Garden Furniture , a lace parasol, white gloves, floral plates, pastel florals, and a china tea pot. Add a cushion, pillows, and a throw to a porch swing for a cozy country seat. *Don't like the look of your concrete? Faux paint it to look like flagstone or brick. First power wash to remove any oil and stains, mask off to create the 'mortar' then paint with a flat exterior latex house paint with a high durability factor using shades of grey or red to represent either the stone or brick. Add touches of green, brown, and blue to add realism.*Add a yard sign to your fence or railing*Tuck a fountain into the corner* If you are blessed with a deep porch perhaps a Garden Swing would be a fun addition*An outdoor rug adds a touch of elegance to an outdoor space and can be cleaned with the garden hose*

Garden Party

From a causal barbecue to a ladies luncheon garden parties are fun to plan. Start with a seed packet invitation and continue the theme. When you are planning a menu try to include a dip or small salad that can be served in a terra cotta pot (with the hole plugged). A centerpiece can be fresh cuttings from your garden*Add lighting with string lights or candles*

Easy Stepping Stones

Here's a way to lay stepping stones that won't break your bank, or your back. All you need are stepping stones and a spade.
You don't have to build a foundation of sand and gravel when you lay down cut stepping stones. If your stones have some heft, you can just remove sod and soil to the appropriate depth and call it a day.

1. Lay out the path. Position your stones (or Make Your Own Stepping Stones) and outline them with your spade.
2. Remove sod. Lay the stone aside, and surgically remove soil with horizontal strokes.
3. Install the stones. Plop the stone into the jigsaw-puzzle space you created. Make sure the stone is below mowing level.


Add flowers to a Classic Red Wagon or let them fill a Wheelbarrow with seasonal flowers* Start kids early with their own Garden Tool Kit *Sunday School teachers will appreciate this Garden of Eden Craft Kit *- there's enough for all their students* School Garden ideas and more*


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I use an old Calendar to keep track of my garden chores week by week.
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