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From helping your child adjust to preschool to decorating a dorm room school and teaching can be another opportunity for crafting. From decorating a classroom to making decorations with a teaching theme there seems to be an endless list of pencil, ruler, apple, and book themes. Let's start with the pencil-

Pencil Crafts
*Paint thin plywood as giant pencil and print Welcome to Mrs ____'s Class
*Paint 3/4 inch pine as a thick pencil with holes drilled for a pencil holder
*Using craft sticks paint pencils and print the lettering "Graded" and "UnGraded" then hot glue a clothespin on the back for paper clips.
*Using a fat red pencil paint a santa on the upper part, add a screw eye to the eraser and he's ready to hang as a Christmas ornament.
* Pencil Puzzles
*Paint on the back of an eraser to personalize them.
*Paint a long dowel to look like a pencil for use as a pointer

Blackboard & Eraser Crafts
*Erasers can be painted to personalize the teachers name
* Krylon Chalkboard Finish can be painted onto any smooth shape to create a blackboard surface. From Christmas ornaments to message boards in whimsical shapes.

Apple Crafts
*Buy thin dried apple slices to embellish a candle
*Make unusual shaped chalkboards with Krylon Chalkboard Finish It turns any smooth surface into a chalkboard.
*Paint apples on a Floor Cloths
*Embellish wreaths with artificial apples
*Cluster wooden slices of apples in various stages of being eaten and hang from a sign that proudly proclaims, "Country to the Core!"

Graduation Crafts & Ideas
* Finished In A Flash Page Kit
* Personalized Graduation Pillow
*Mortar Board Craft
*Glue pressed flowers around a framed graduation announcement

Bulletin Board Ideas
*Paint on the wall any quote such as this one from G.K. Chesterton, "Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another."
*Bulletin Board Sites
*Bulletin Board Ideas and Tips for the K-3 Teacher
*Are they ever too old for printable notes of affirmation?
*Bulletin Boards across the World

Dorm Ideas
* Personalized College Locker Print
*Make color copies of family photos (in their frame) that hang in your home. These can be tacked on their bulletin boards for a reminder of home.
* College Scuff Slippers

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Great Teacher
Great Teacher Art Print
Boassy, Gay...
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