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Collect and Craft with Seashells
& Other Nautical Themes

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Whether you buy your shells or pick them up off the beach they add a nautical touch to any room. Nautical can mean many things depending on your region. Seaside, lakeside, fishing in a stream or sunning by the shore. It can also incorporate many color schemes. The Caribbean can be either vibrant primary colors or pastels. The new England Sea Coast seems to me to be the Americana colors of Red, Navy Blue and Cream. I have always loved the water and enjoy my "beach" decor even though I live in landlocked Kentucky.

Make a Nautical Wreath
Remember your trip to the shore with a special easy to make Nautical wreath.

  • Whatever you may find - shells, driftwood, sand dollars, star fish...
  • Rope
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wire
Establish where the top of the wreath is going to be and attach a wire for hanging on the back. Using your hot glue gun attach the shells and beach finds around the wreath. (Use caution - not only is the glue hot but the shells conduct heat as well) Rather than covering the entire wreath I prefer a wreath that is only about 3/4 covered in an angled C shape. Once the shells are attached wind with a rope gluing the ends - hang and admire.

To add a quick and easy nautical look to any room:
  • Fill a small round fish bowl with 2 inches or shells or marbles. Add water and float a candle. For an added Nautical feel add some food color to the water.
  • In a shallow dish add sand, sea glass and a few shells. Place a fat taper in the middle.
  • Make a Seashell Topiary by gluing shells onto a styrofoam form.
  • Stencil tropical fish onto napkins or create a border swimming across the edge of a table topper. Add napkin rings and sell them as a set.
  • Use shells in your next mosaic project. Adorn a pot with small shells , tile, or river rocks.

Other Nautical Ideas

Beach Party Themes

  • Ideas for a nautical party are as plentiful as the fish in the oceans. Surfs Up, Under the Sea, Pool Party, a Luau or a Polynesian Paradise can be great themes for a summer party. Once the theme has been narrowed down start with the invitation. Perhaps a flip flop cut out, a treasure map, or a starfish cut out will strike your fancy.
  • Decorations can be fun to add. Tiki torches, leis, and lots of tropical plants for a luau. Beach blankets, umbrellas, sand and water can form a backdrop for any beach party. Scatter sea shells everywhere. You can write on sand dollars for place cards.
  • Make and fly a Pirate Flag.
  • Beach music in the background can be wonderful. Depending on your theme choose steel drums, Beach Boys and other oldies from the era, or try Island Music.
  • Serve dips in a beach pail with a shovel. A hollow coconut or large shell can be a serving bowl as well.
  • Use these Adirondack Beach Chairs as adorable placecard holders.

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