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A Celebration of the Heart

For all those who celebrate Valentines Day
or any day that Celebrates the Romance of the Heart.
For other crafts, holiday decorating ideas, or recipes
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Art for the Romantic and the Wedding
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Eva Heart Decoration Ornament (pk/12)
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Valentine's Day Gifts

Double Heart Chrome Album
Engrave this photo album and start off with a photo or two

Waterford Crystal Siren Heart Dish
This Waterford Crystal Heart Dish will be an instant family heirloom for generations to come.

Musical M&Ms Valentine Bear
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I Love You Cookie Cutters
Say it with Cookies

Rose Heart Wreath
Rose Heart Wreath

Personalized Cupid Hearts Sweatshirt

Personalized Melt Your Heart T-Shirt
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Heart to Heart Plaque
Heart to Heart

Home is Where the Heart Is
Cross Stitch this sentiment

Art Poster Print by Anonymous 'Artist With Palette' Size 28.62 x 19.75
A Valentine for the Artist

All Because Two People Fell In Love
All Because Two People Fell In Love Wall Decal
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I Have Learned
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Love Life
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GlobalGiving Assorted Roses
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Valentine Postal Suggestion:

Mail your valentine to a city like St. Valentin Quebec and they will resend yourcard postmarked from their city. You just put your card in a stamped envelope properly addressed to the recipient , then put that in a larger stamped envelope addressed to one of the following:
  • Postmaster
    ATTN: Valentines
    Cupid's Mailbox,
    P.O.Box 201,
    Valentine, NE
  • Postmaster
    ATTN: Valentines
    Saint-Valentin Post Office
    J0J 2E0
  • Postmaster
    ATTN: Valentines
    Valentine Post Office
    Valentine, Texas 79854-9998
  • If you or someone you know has a 50th Wedding Anniversary and would like a card Signed by the President Contact: Presidential Correspondence
    White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20500
    The requests should be received at least one month before the event.

The Legend Of The Valentine

The legend says St. Valentine
Was in a prison cell
Thinking of his little flock
He had always loved so well
And wanting to assure them
Of his friendship and his love
He picked a bunch of violets
And sent them by a dove.

And on the violets' leaves
He pierced these lines divine
That simply said, "I Love You"
And "I'm your Valentine"
So through the years that followed
From that day unto this
Folks still send messages of love
And seal them with a kiss.

Because a Saint in prison
Reached through prison bars one day
And picked a bunch of violets
And sent them out to say
That faith and love can triumph
No matter where you are
For faith and love are greater
Than the strongest prison bar.

Author Unknown

Craft Ideas

  • Sew up this Annie and Heart tie-on.
  • Make a card that only you can send. Create your own love story with a card from Kodak Gallery
  • Make a Cupid doll
  • Create a personalized Photo Book. Write your own captions and make it a valentine to remember. You can even create a cover with a photo of the two of you.
  • Try this Paper Cast Valentine
  • Make a woven heart out of red and white paper to send your valentine or attach a handle and use as a basket.
  • Make a Valentines wreath out of wire and chocolates in the shape of a heart
  • Make a music CD of favorite romantic songs.
  • Red heart placemats made of paper embellished with more hearts and flowers
  • Fanfold red paper to cut hearts in a paperdoll fashion to form a garland
  • Use a heart shaped cookie cutter or cake pan to make heart shaped food.
  • Hot glue Candy Hearts to a fabric covered styrofoam wreath
  • Romantic Sachets
    Materials for 1 sachet:
    Fabric scraps
    Needle and thread or sewing machine
    1/4 cup dried potpourri such as chamomile lavender or rose
    Ribbon for hanging

    1. Cut 2 identical hearts out of fabric. An option would be to also cut 2 identical hearts out of lace and sew the 4 together sandwiching the lace over the fabric.
    2. Pin right sides together and sew, leaving an opening at the top.
    3. Turn right side out. Fill with chamomile, lavender or rose, and stuffing.
    4. Insert Ribbon for hanging and hand stitch the opening closed.
    Further embellish as desired with pearls, embroidery or ribbon roses.

  • Not-So-Sweet
    Wrap some cinnamon hearts in a square of plastic wrap and attach the following with a red ribbon:
    I couldn't send you flowers
    Chocolates wouldn't do
    And Hallmark cards don't say
    The things I wanted to.

    I got you something special -
    Here's the inside scoop
    I found you something rare
    Authentic Cupid Poop!

  • Origami heart

Decorating Ideas

For Kids

Sign Ideas

  • The measure of love is to love without measure
  • The bigger the heart, the more love it can hold
  • The best gift is from the heart
  • A Mother is the heart of the family
  • A sprinkle of love makes your heart grow
  • Friendship warms the heart
  • Dear to my heart
  • Hugs can tame the wildest heart
  • Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be
  • Where there is love, there is life - Mahatma Gandhi
  • There is no remedy for love but to love more. - Thoreau


Wedding Crafts

Is there anything more Romantic than planning a Wedding? Dreams of a horse drawn carriage, flowers, candles, a beautiful gown, a blushing bride, a handsome groom.

I've set up a Wedding Timetable with links to crafts for your wedding. And a page of party and shower ideas. If you need a Gift ideas, I have a page of them as well.


Gift Ideas


How to Say I Love You

Afrikaans "Ek het jou liefe" Albanian "te dua" Albanian "te dashuroj" Alentejano(Portugal) "Gosto De Ti, Porra!" Alsacien "Ich hoan dich gear" Amharic "Afekrishalehou" Arabic "Ana Behibak" (to a male) "Ana Behibek" (to a female) Arabic "Ib'n hebbak" Arabic "Ana Ba-heb-bak" Arabic "nhebuk" Arabic "Ohiboke"(male to female)"Ohiboka"(female to male) Assamese "Moi tomak bhal pau" Basc "Nere Maitea" Batak "Holong rohangku di ho" Bavarian "I mog di narrisch gern" Bengali "Ami tomake bhalobashi" Berber "Lakh tirikh" Bicol "Namumutan ta ka" Bolivian Quechua "qanta munani" Bulgarian "Obicham te" Burmese "chit pa de" Cambodian "Bon sro lanh oon" Cantonese "Moi oiy neya" Cantonese "Ngo oi ney" Catalan "T'estim" Catalan " T'estime" Cebuano "Gihigugma ko ikaw" Chickasaw "chiholloli" Corsican "Ti tengu cara" to female, "Ti tengu caru", to male Croatian "LJUBim te" Czech "Miluji te" Danish "Jeg elsker dig" Dutch "Ik ben verliefd op je" Ecuador Quechua "canda munani" English "I love you" Esperanto "Mi amas vin" Estonian "Mina armastan sind" Farsi "Tora dust midaram" Filipino "Mahal ka ta" Finnish "Mina" Flemish "Ik zie oe geerne" French "Je t'aime" Friesian "Ik hald fan dei" Gaelic "Ta gra agam ort" German "Ich liebe Dich" Greek "s'ayapo" Greenlandic "Asavakit" Gujrati "Hoon tane pyar karoochhoon" Hausa "Ina sonki" Hawaiian "Aloha I'a Au Oe" Hebrew "Ani ohev otach", male to female "Ani ohevet otcha", female to male. Hindi "Main Tumse Prem Karta Hoon" Hokkien "Wa ai lu" Hopi "Nu' umi unangwa'ta" Hungarian "Szeretlek" Icelandic "Eg elska thig" Indi "Mai Tujhe Pyaar Kartha Ho" Indonesian "Saya cinta padamu" Iranian "Mahn doostaht doh-rahm" Irish "taim i' ngra leat" Italian "ti amo" Japanese "Kimi o ai shiteru" Javanese "Kulo tresno" Kannada "Naanu Ninnanu Preethisuthene" Kiswahili "Nakupenda" Korean "Tangsinul sarang ha yo" Kurdish "Ez te hezdikhem" Lao "Koi muk jao" Latin "Te amo" Latvian "Es milu tevi" Lebanese "Bahibak" Lingala "Nalingi yo" Lisbon lingo "gramo-te bue', chavalinha" Lithuanian "TAVE MYLIU" Lojban "mi do prami" Luo "Aheri" Macedonian "SAKAM TE!" Madrid lingo "Me molas, tronca" Malay "Saya cintakan mu" Mandarin "Wo ai ni" Marathi "me tujhashi prem karto" (male to female)"me tujhashi prem karte" (female to male) Mohawk "Konoronhkwa" Navaho "Ayor anosh'ni" Ndebele "Niyakutanda" Norwegian "Eg elskar deg" Op "Op Lopveop Yopuop" Osetian "Aez dae warzyn" Pakistani "Mujhe Tumse Muhabbat Hai" Persian "Tora dost daram" Polish "Kocham Cie" Portuguese "Amo-te" Punjabi "Mai taunu pyar karda" Quenya "Tye-mela'ne" Romanian "Te iu besc" Russian "Ya vas liubliu" Scot Gaelic "Tha gradh agam ort" Serbian "ljubim te" Serbocroatian "Volim te" Shona "Ndinokuda" Sinhalese "Mama oyata adarei" Sioux "Techihhila" Slovak "lubim ta" Slovene "ljubim te" Spanish "Te quiero" Srilankan "Mama Oyata Arderyi" Swahili "Naku penda" (followed by the person's name) Swedish "Jag a"lskar dig" Swiss-German "Ch'ha di ga"rn" Syrian/Lebanese "BHEBBEK" (to a female) "BHEBBAK" (to a male) Tagalog "Mahal kita" Tahitian "Ua Here Vau Ia Oe" Tamil "n^An unnaik kAthalikkinREn" Tcheque "MILUJI TE^" Telugu "Neenu ninnu pra'mistu'nnanu" Thai "Phom Rak Khun" Tunisian "Ha eh bak" Turkish "Seni seviyo*rum" Ukrainian "ja tebe koKHAju" Urdu "Mujhe tumse mohabbat hai" Vietnamese "Toi yeu em" Vlaams "Ik hue van ye" Vulcan "Wani ra yana ro aisha" Welsh "Yr wyf i yn dy garu di" Yiddish "Ich libe dich" Yugoslavian "Ya te volim" Zazi "Ezhele hezdege" Zulu "Mena Tanda Wena" Zuni "Tom ho' ichema"

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